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Nóra Devil cut her long hair: We’ve seen her with this short hairdo for a long time – a Hungarian star

The last time you visited your favorite beauty salon, Nora the Devil She asked her hairdresser to cut her hair. The presenter has already announced an extended pop style about filming the third season of Asia Express.

TV2’s adventure reality recordings are in full swing. On May 7th, the eight determined stars set out to immerse themselves in Asian adventures. Among them, among others Gaspar Jiuzzo, B, Kiraly Victor and Kiraly Linda.

Nora’s haircut

The host of the production is Nura Erdoğ again, whose fans are used to sharing eye-catching photos from different locations of the month-long adventure. He also began reporting this year, publishing two recordings that were produced in Jordan.

Photo: Instagram / Devil Nóra

“Did I say I like this show?” He asked his followers, who couldn’t leave without saying how he radiates in his lavender-purple long gown.

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There is also something more surprising about the new images. Instead of the usual long strands of recent years, she can be seen with an inverted hairstyle. We’ve seen it long with a very short haircut.

Over the past few months, he’s been gradually cutting into a shorter and shorter shape for himself. In the summer of 2021, she still had medium-length curls, then switched to shoulder-length hair, and now voted for a shorter style.

Her hair was still just below her shoulders in April, but she started filming May with a short hairdo.

Her hair was still just below her shoulders in April, but she started filming May with a short hairdo.

Photo: Instagram / Devil Nóra

One of the characteristics of Nora Al Shaitan is that she loves to experiment with her hairstyles, aAs a jury member on Dancing with the Stars, he poses in front of the camera wearing a wig. His name is also considered one of the most amazing transformations in the world of stars in the field of hairstyles. In 2010, everyone was surprised when they opened their first X-Factor livestream with boyish cropped hair.

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Stars who switched to new hair in 2021

In our collection, you can see who are the ladies who asked for a new hairstyle at their hairdresser in 2021. Szilvi Péter Szabó, Tina Jelli and Heni Dér also said goodbye to long hair.

Cover Photo: TV2