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Norris is proud of his ability to help his fans

Lando Norris is pleased with what he has achieved by speaking openly about his problems.

Mental health is not an easy topic, it is difficult to talk about. Mental health is important to all people, but we tend to forget about it and deal only with our physical health.

The topic affects everyone, whether they are “civilians” or an elite athlete. Another question is whether we dare to talk about it. Lando Norris dares, and in Formula One he was the first to speak openly about his mental challenges and the importance of the topic. Today, she is not only shy, but she helps many and encourages everyone not to sweep her under the rug if they have a problem. The 22-year-old rider is also proud that so many draw strength from his speeches.


The McLaren pilot wrote candidly in his writings for International Men’s Day in November 2020 that despite his confidence behind the scenes, he struggled with anxiety, skepticism and imposter syndrome*, especially during his first season in Formula One. It is likely that many of these characteristics are now known to themselves, both men and women.

* Impositor syndrome when a person, no matter how successful they are at work or in any area of ​​life, feels that they do not deserve success, do not deserve recognition, and fear – unreasonably – that their environment will recognize this “cheat.”

It also helps his fans

“I am proud to belong to a group of people who have accepted this and are talking about it happily and with confidence. And I think one of the biggest things that made this possible for me; or what I thought was a very good thing to talk about was my fans and followers”- Tell Norris to F1.

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“Essentially, when I mentioned it, for example, the first few times I spoke about it in public, some people said it would help them or have an effect on them — and increase the impact that I could have on those thousands of people over time, giant.”

As a result, other competitors are no longer nervous about this topic. Daniel Ricciardo is already talking openly about mental health and four-time Formula One champion Sebastian Vettel.

“When I started getting messages that I was helping them, or that they were feeling a lot better, or about their friends, or family, or whatever, it was really amazing how much you could help some other people,” Norris continued.

“So the more I see this, the more I realize the impact I can have and the place I’m going to have in F1, in my life with my followers, my fan base… That’s why I thought it was best to talk about it publicly and around the world and try to help as many as I could.” of people.” – Tell.