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North Korea is testing the outside world with another secret

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has appeared in recent days with a patch on the back of his head in the state media of the declining country, and now several developments are raising speculation about his health – Writes And Bloomberg. The knitting was on display when the leader appeared at the KPA celebrations from July 24-27. The information was first published by NK News and Chosun Ilbo news portal.

Later, at the end of last month, there are pictures Back About Kim Jonun, who was already missing the patch from the back of his neck and has a green spot in place. The source for these recordings is also the state media.

The North Korean dictator’s health is one of the world’s most hidden secrets, but neither he nor his advisors seem to have regretted publishing the speculative images this time around, likely because local media like to portray the country’s first people – Kim and his ancestors – as those working on Calculate their health to turn the fate of people to the right.

In line with this conjecture, state media outlets expressed a “simple citizen” in June who tearfully spoke of how much Kim Jong-un has lost weight, which seemed to be 10-20 pounds easier in public after he disappeared from the scene for most of May. The dictator cut his hair from the back and the side so that he could not cover the spot and slick with his hair. This, in turn, paved the way for global intelligence agencies to embark on frantic speculation about the cause.

Is there nothing to see here?

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According to South Korea’s National Intelligence Agency, the patch and patch reveal nothing new about Kim’s health, Yonhap News Agency reported, citing politicians informed by intelligence agencies. He draws attention to the fact that no damage was shown on the dictator’s neck after removing the bandage. NK News notes that there was no trace of the patch on July 11, when Kim attended a music event and was supposed to vacation at the seaside mansion in Dragons afterward.

He did not appear in public for a long time at the beginning of last year, which already sparked speculation about the stability of the regime, and then in May 2020 he visited a pesticide production plant. As a result, observers suspected that she had undergone some form of medical treatment. The most serious doubts about Kim’s health as an obese smoker surfaced when she disappeared from view for six weeks in 2014 and then walked with a walking stick for a while. Accordingly, arthritis was suspected.

Maybe something like that?

Kim Junun’s grandfather, Kim Ir-sin, who founded the North Korean regime, had a bulge roughly the size of a tennis ball in the back of his neck that the paparazzi could not be drawn to by the older Kim’s travels abroad. The regime’s media carefully concealed the unfavorable characteristic from the public eye.

The health of the North Korean dictator is of paramount importance as he will have to deal with the worst economic situation in his country since he took power at the end of 2011. The economy in 2020 suffered its biggest drop in decades in Part A pandemicPartly due to natural disasters, partly due to economic sanctions imposed on the country. According to recent data from the South Korean central bank, GDP was lower last year than it was when Kim took power.

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Kim Junun recently spoke publicly about the country’s economic and food problems, which led to the replacement of an unfortunate leader – no further fate has been reported – but no more far-reaching conclusions were drawn from this. At least he has not decided to return to the nuclear disarmament negotiations, which may lead to hopes of easing sanctions against the country in exchange for concessions.