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Not even the hero of Deathloop got a PS5

Bethesda had to get the actor’s PS5 because Jason Kelley, who played Colt, couldn’t play with the game, which he was starring in, because he didn’t have a console. May all our wishes come true in this way!

Currently, it is very difficult to sell PlayStation 5 to find the console. So much so that even a file Deathloop And the hero was not around to enjoy his own adventure, despite the fact that the game exclusive console. A very strange situation, with an even more bizarre solution, given that a Microsoft He got his last game star on PS5.

More specifically, a Bethesda He’s the one who took things into his own hands, but they’ve been owned by Microsoft since March. Jason Kelly A representative on social media thanks in a message Arkan Studios A huge welcome to his newest game while asking for help finding a console to play with. “If anyone can get a copy for me [a Deathloopból] And PlayStation 5, I really want to thank you…” He said in the video.

Error Bethesda Vice President Pete Heinz Hurry up to help him and promise him a PS5 to enjoy his performance. “I will probably find a PS5 to play with. You deserve the chance to play as Colt and enjoy your amazing performance.” A week later, the actor confirmed in a recent interview that Bethesda had surprised him with a console and version of the Deathloop.

This is nothing more than a small curiosity, but it is significant, because it is remarkable that even gamers of the latest games themselves have difficulty getting access to a next-generation console, even for exclusive games. no wonder that EV . project The studio CEO bought 260 PS5 consoles for all of his employees as soon as the console was announced, given how difficult it is to get them themselves. Anyway, if you haven’t played Arkane Studios’ latest adventure, a PS5 game and ComputerAlso available here, About Deathloop Test our game!

Source: Twitter