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Not for everyone, but for those who do, it’s just too much

Despite the sheer fashion of SUVs, or perhaps paddling its side waters, a couple of manufacturers offer elevated off-road kits, and of course SUV-specialist Subaru, a pioneer in the genre, cannot be left out of the party. We were hailed by the new sixth-generation Outback, which holds special values ​​in today’s motoring world, but its single-engine shifter combination is guaranteed to make it a multi-class model.

Perhaps after Colin McRae’s career, and based on Imperza WRX STIs going on the roads, most people learned that the Subaru brand exists. Of course, some versions of the civilian 4×4 were also used from abroad, and they were importers at home for decades, and even the star of the release of diesel boxers did not tarnish the reputation of the manufacturer, as their other models have a good reputation in Japan. But if we ask anyone if they know one on the street or in the neighborhood, few will answer yes, Jutsy, Legacy, Forester models aren’t really part of the street scene.

A version of the Legacy station wagon was released in 1995, the Outback, and is now in its sixth generation. Click on the image for the gallery!Source: Origo

Looks like he’s used to it, even though it’s brand new

However, anyone who somehow tastes the Japanese brand, which remains a delicacy to this day, usually remembers it with wet eyes, despite all its flaws, because it is. Today, the reputation of a powerful mid-range limousine is no longer part of the show legacy, Dressed as an off-roader, however, the station wagon version advanced as a standalone model called Outback. Last year, the sixth generation arrived, and now on the brand’s modular floorboard (SGP), which, of course, is a new chassis that, even if, to put it mildly in its main form, is not significantly different from its predecessor.

There may be many in this class who would vote for Subarora because of its solid engine – there is no other brand of such an SUV, and with smooth front-wheel drive, only the Mazda 6 is recommended.Source: Origo

So there are features that are difficult to reach the threshold of stimulation, difficult to remember later, but at least not divisive, while their dimensions are enormous, even if they hide them well. When we get to her side, we feel the top is at eye level and we have to wear far-sighted glasses if we want to move her to the tail as well. It approaches or surpasses a modern SUV one parameter at a time, yet it doesn’t look like a clumsy pile because they didn’t want to design for it. This is proof that you can stack 4.87 meters in length and 1675 meters in height in a neutral round shape.

Its wheelbase is 2.74 metres. The frameless side windows of the subarus brand are long gone, so the wind noise is reducedSource: Origo

The shape of the trunk also indicates functionality, because it is really designed for lovers of active and mountain life. With Balloon/60 tires, we can go far by access, even with factory and street style, and he can go to places and angles our wife likes to get out of. Especially when you see on the center display how many degrees the car is tilted and at what angle the wheel stands. The Outback, with its remarkably solid body, doesn’t feel awkward even if one of its wheels doesn’t hit the ground and the inner caps don’t wobble from the tangential twisting forces.

With a kind of suction motor and real 4×4 motor

With unpolished plastic door sills, door caps and wheel arches, it also supports off-road collision, and it is no coincidence that the factory catalog also provides the required data for the terrain: the actual ground clearance is 213 mm, the front terrain angle is 19.7 ° rear 22.6 °. At the push of the X-Mode button, Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive System helps you get through mud or snow, improving torque distribution and control of the transmission and brakes, as well as the Gradient Control module found on regular off-road vehicles. Which puts it in standby mode at a speed of 20 km / h.

Permanent all-wheel drive with torque vectoring and advanced wishbone rear suspension – true without adaptive damping. Outback is balanced on all road surfacesSource: Origo

In terms of technical background, Subaru has been known for decades for its permanent all-wheel drive all-wheel drive cars, and hasn’t given up on it now. The only version available in Europe now is a 2.5-liter petrol and four-cylinder (unfortunately the American turbo version was not marketed here for emissions reasons), with active coolant control and a particulate filter. In terms of numbers, it certainly doesn’t sound as strong as the uploader competition or the hybrid competition, It has a power of 169 hp and generates 252 Nm of torque, in addition, it is not available at all with a manual transmission, only a CVT transmission called Linertronic.

It sits deep in the boxer’s four-cylinder engine and helps keep the car’s center of gravity low. Gasoline absorbent construction has been proven over the years, but not muscle sproutSource: Origo

Because of the continuously variable transmission and a curb weight of around 1,650 pounds, many might think they’re pulling themselves with a buzzing engine, but that’s far from reality. If we switch the mode selector button called SI-Drive to Sport mode, the gas reaction will be direct, it will keep the speed higher, and by pulling the tongues behind the steering wheel, it is fixed atomically. He could also be a bender hunter carrying passengers with suffocating breath, but that’s not his profile at all.

It’s not about racing, it’s about racing

Reminiscent of old Volvos, their soft and extremely comfortable leather seats reveal their true selves. One comes here to travel in peace, not in a hurry, and with a fast hundred sprint in 10.2 seconds, this Subaru wouldn’t be the demon of drag racing either. Soon we find ourselves not pressing the mode selector button, starting playfully from the red light, touching the speed limit more than the bottom, and the baby also forgetting to cry in the back seat. Few cars know this, having them on their own is reassuring.

The front seats remind us of many years of Volvo, not only because of their color and shape, but also because of their really soft, comfortable design. Of course, steering wheel and seat heating are includedSource: Origo

It’s tuned to the engine and transmission combination, so to depress the pedal or turn the steering wheel to give the feeling we just want to drive too much, travel in the sense of the word off. We could have a complete fall and winter in the front chairs, which also help with the steering wheel and seat heating, Or a three-zone climate without sound, which, fortunately, left the physical adjustment knobs, despite the increased diameter of the center screen compared to its predecessor. Its menu is easy to understand, but navigating the TomTom factory is awful, nowadays we don’t really understand why we have to force it.

You don’t want to look like a luxury car, but the materials used are required and the interior is bright due to the large glass surfacesSource: Origo

With the first step, you can connect your phone anyway, which also works perfectly, and you can start planning your Waze or Google route. Its hardware looks remarkably old-fashioned, the real pointers in front of our noses point to the speed and velocity values, and instead of electronic pegs, the shift selector lever is also a traditional round-trip type. Estimated that because analog gadgets and physical controls are an extinct tech solution in this category in 2021, however, the touchscreen in portrait format has come from the modern era.

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