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Not two, but six biologists are not there, according to the Texas rep

A Texas Democrat’s statement that there are not two but six biologists has caused an uproar. A prominent member of the US Legislature, graduated from Harvard University.

Democrat James Talarico spoke to the Texas Public Education Commission about excluding high school transgender athletes from participating in state competitions. The aforementioned member of the legislature is an English language teacher by profession and holds a master’s degree in education policy from Harvard University. The Washington Times reported.

“The most important thing I want to draw your attention to is that modern science clearly recognizes that there are no more than two types of biological organisms.”

Talarico said at the hearing.

Talarico explained that according to the scientific position based on the X and Y chromosomes “Actually six biological non-existent”: Not only XX (female) and XY (male), but also unique X, XXY, XYY, and XXXY. “The point is, from a scientific point of view, sexuality is just a spectrum that often leads to misunderstanding.” The actor said.

Beth Stelzer, leader of Save Women Sports Group, discussed MP interpretation based on the X and Y chromosomes. He pointed to studies by “They prove that the supremacy of men (in athletics) is constant, and in fact there are only two.”

“Other non-sexual developmental disorders mentioned by Talarico are variants of the XX or XY chromosomes. But it also causes male or female gender disorders.”

Stelzer has been added.

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Texas Republican Senator Dinesh D’Souza responded to all of this on Twitter by saying “In this case, what is clear is the stupidity of the man (Talarico).” Washington Times Books.

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