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Note: Honvéd’s squad spanned with four players

Budapest Honvéd, who finished ninth in the recent announcement of NB I football, reported on the official website that they had extended their contracts with four players, including Albi Doka, Zsótér Donát, Boubacar Traoré and Tamás Krisztián in the 19th century. He will remain a player for the regions next season.

Donat Tsotere and Doka Albee will remain at Kisbest next season (Photo: Chapa Dumotor)

There is plenty to come and go in Budapest Honved, who recently announced their first summer squad, The 23-year-old French Senegalese Christian Gomis confirmationas well as to leave the reds and blacks in the capital Button Barth, Gurgo Nagy, Including Luke and Arthur Cression And the Dusan PantelicsWho did not recommend a new contract with the club at the time Diane Draxix, Muhammad Al-Qadri And the zTendonreligion Did not exercise the extension option provided for in the loan agreement Honvéd, so the latter also left Kispest.

The reds – the blacks On their official website This time it was reported that Donát Zsótér, Boubacar Traoré And the Tamas Christian The option was fulfilled in the contract, so all three players will remain with Honved next season, as Albi Duka It was also purchased by Honvéd.

Donát Zsótér was a member of the Championship squad for the 2016-2017 season, but after three years turning in to Újpest, he returned to Honvéd in 2020, scoring seven goals in the second period in 64 matches in the NB I and Hungarian Cup.

Boubacar Traoré also received his Kispest certification in the summer of 2020. Since then, the 22-year-old Mali striker has scored five goals in 30 tournaments and 3 Hungarian Cup matches, while young striker Tamás Krisztián has scored four times in 51 NB I tournaments.

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Albee Duca, who has played in 13 tournaments and cup matches with Kispest so far, will also stay at Honvéd. Should the Albanian defender arrive in the winter, the club exercised his option under the contract and, after a six-month loan, bought the playing rights from HNK Gorica in Croatia.

Summer game action in Budapest house
Access: Christian Gomis (Senegal – French, PFK Lokomotiv Plovdiv – Bulgaria)

They can return from the loan: Bocskay Bertalan (Topolyai SC – Serbia), Andras Horvat (Budafoki MTE), Milan Horvat (BFC Siófok), Dominic Cocci (Diósgyőr VTK), Laszlo David (Budafoki MTE), Dominic Soltes (Depressin VSC), Christoph Toth Gabor (Szombathelyi offers)
Who have been recruited/signed a professional contract:
Departures: Balog Norbert (FC DAC 1904 – Slovakia, permanently after loan), Majir Milan (Zalaegerszeg TE FC, freely verifiable)Barth Buttond (your contract expires), Jorgo Nagy (your contract expires), luke (your contract expires), Artur Crucion (your contract expires), Dusan Pantelics (your contract ends)
They can return to their club on loan: Diane Drazks (Serbian, Slovan Bratislava – Slovakia), Mohammed Al-Qadri (Ghanaian, Dynamo Kyiv – Ukraine), Zain Al-Din Mashash (French, Naples – Italy)
They can leave / inquire about them: