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Note I: A more flexible life awaits Attila Reeves, David Horvath is sad

In the final 33rd round of NB I football, three games were played on Sunday. The With coaches’ ratings for the Puskas Academy – Honved (1-2) match We’ve already scored, and now let’s see the key metrics for the other two post-blast press conferences!

This is how the silver medal was celebrated in Kisvarda (Photo: Peter Kovacs)

MTK – DVSC 3-0


– Did you expect more resistance from Depressin?
– It is difficult to assess the match because it settled the essential issues. We tried to separate ourselves from the other match, and the players stuck to the plan. We took the lead before the break so we didn’t have to change, the second half came with a free game.

How do you feel: pride, sadness?
“I have to be happy from an individual point of view, but I can’t be stripped of dropping out, so I’m sad. As an under-19 coach, I was a huge fan of the team, and I was still bitter about the results. I might re-evaluate myself later, but I’m a person with Mass orientation, so now bitterness is stronger.

What is the main reason for the team under your control?

“Maybe we had a great time, and we hardly had a decision that wouldn’t work.” We coped with the task from a mental point of view, and also asked for help from a specialist. We conducted a data-centric analysis, which was also successful, and found the leading individuals they need for young people to distance themselves from a difficult situation.


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“He certainly doesn’t want to say goodbye to this season.”
“First of all, congratulations to MTK, he played great.” We started relatively well, in the first half of the hour what we had planned happened, but then we made a lot of mistakes. The goal before the break came at a very bad time. We tried to change in the second half, but the penalty kick basically decided the match.

– The players don’t seem to be on the field.
– I don’t agree with that. I’ve seen my players work all week, these bad solutions that we saw in this match are not noticed in the training sessions. MTK scored from fixed positions, and we could have seen more.

How do you rate the season that ended in seventh place?
– I took a team in a difficult situation before the league, our main objective was to stay in it, so I can be satisfied with the seventh place. I trust the leaders, they can see what the problems are, and we want to achieve that position at least for the next year.


Attila Revezi
He is the sporting director of Kisvárda Master Good

– How was the “silver match” like?
– From our side, the whole match was cautious, but during the break everyone found out the result of the other match, which was important for us, so the players calmed down involuntarily. At the same time, we wanted to live up to expectations and grab our 16th victory, a worthy end to the season.

What happened to you when you achieved your winning goal?
“I’ve had the same feeling many times, but now it’s not a victory, it’s a feeling worth closing in.” The second place couldn’t be nicer. I would have been upset by the draw, and I didn’t believe in winning anymore, but thanks to the five substitutions, our goal was ripe and we kept the player who scored in the person of Jacir Asani.

– Is there a development related to your future: will you go or will you stay in Kisvárda?

“The last two weeks I’ve been saying let’s just focus on football, we didn’t even talk.” The decision must be taken with a calm head. I have endured a lot so far, and this will change in the future, a more resilient life awaits me.

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Balis Molnier
He is the technical director of ZTE FC

– How did you see the meeting?
– It was a balanced match, there were chances here and there. The home team was more focused, and we were in great shape again, not the first time we lost.

– Will they get the point?
– I saw so many positives compared to our previous game that our players had a better position, they worked a lot in this league and that’s why I feel we deserve to score, which would have been an achievement given our situation. Unfortunately, in the end, we were not so lucky again, but perhaps because we did not do enough for it.

– How do you evaluate the coaching period of the team’s chief secretaries, which consists of eight matches?

– We said before the game that we don’t know what happened, what changed after our home game against Honved, which was the best of the spring season. My players weren’t strong enough in their heads, which led to a string of defeats.

Note I, 2021-2022, Round 33
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Friday May 13
Mezőkövesd – Újpest 2-3 mesophosphorylated, City Stadium Mihaly Capraly 2286
Saturday 14 May
Gyirmót – Ferencváros 1-2 Jyor, Jermott, kufr stadium Zeer Heyrdach Peter 2628
Vervar – Bucks 2-2
sikisfehrvar, Arena Salt Lake Mall Balázs Berke 4224
Sunday 15 May
Puskas Academy – Budapest Honved 1-2 uphill Pancho Arena Fad II Isfan 3000
Kisfarda – ZTE 2–1 kisvarda, Castle Garden Stadium Csaba Painter 3125
MTK – DVSC 3-0 Budapest The new Hidegkuti Nándor Stadium Ferenc Karako 4422
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