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Note I: Cruel Exploitation Wanted – Donát Zsótér

Honved midfielder Donat Zotter can play against his former team and believes that his team, which starts with two defeats, should be stronger in front of the opponent’s goal.

According to Donát Zsótér, there is no particular problem with Honvéd’s defense, you just have to be more determined in front of the opponent’s goal (Photo: Miklós Szabó)


– How do you feel about returning to Ferenc Szoza, where you played football between two thousand and seventeen and twenty?
He replied to our newspaper: “I always come back to Úpest with good feelings, I just try to remember the good.” Donát Zsótér, The 25-year-old midfielder is in Budapest Honved. – We have had good successes at Úpest, but that is the past, I am fighting for Honvéd again, and I want to achieve more successes with the team.

– The tournament did not start well, Honved lost both matches…
– I think we can build on our match against Debrecen in the first half, and we have to go through it throughout the match. I know that in football and in life, there is no point in sentences that start like this: if. But if we don’t take human damage against Debrecen, I’m sure we won’t get out.

– What should they improve the most?
“We need to play more aggressively, we need to be more determined in front of the opponent’s goal, we need to take advantage of situations harshly. There was no problem with the situation in the previous games either, but we need to improve our finishes.

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– So there is no panic in the locker room?
– far from it! We are playing well, we just have to take advantage of our chances. I also had 2 big positions against MTK, I had to sell at least one of them. I’m confident that next time I’ll score, and I’m trying to make it happen with all I can.

– For years, Úpest has worn the hand of Nebojsa Vignjevics. How different is Újpest today than it was in your time?
“I see an organized squad that was formed thanks to the work of Michael Oning, and they also found the right tactic. The five-a-side system suits them well, and they have their players too. The team did a fair performance in the Europa League, but did not start the tournament well. However, we don’t have to deal in the place The first is with Újpest, but with ourselves, we have to play our game of practice.

Do you expect Úpest to get tired of the European Cup performance?
This coin has two sides, too. Either they get tired, or vice versa: it turns out that they are “in a match”. In fact, Lilac traveled a lot and played away in Switzerland on Thursday, so they won’t rest much, plus they’re injured, if I know better. But we do not have to deal with that, but with successfully overcoming this obstacle.

the work
1. Kisvarda 3 3 6-3 +3 9
2. Misofused 3 2 1 7-8 -1 6
3. Debrecen VSC 3 1 2 9-6 +3 5
4. Paks FC 3 1 1 1 7-11 +4 4
5. MTK Budapest 3 1 1 1 3–3 0 4
6. Ferencváros TC 2 1 1 5-3 +2 3
7. Puskas Academy 2 1 1 3-7 –4 3
8. Mall Fahrvar 2 2 2-2 0 2
9. Gyirmót FC Győr 3 2 1 3-4 -1 2
10. Zalaegerszeg TE 2 1 1 3-4 -1 1
10. Újpest FC 2 1 1 3-4 -1 1
12. Budapest Honved 2 2 1-5 –4 0
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