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In Round 26 of NB II Football, top DVTK will take 9th place in ETO. You can catch up on the most important events of the meeting with our constantly updated webcast.

Football NB II
Round 26

ETO FC 1–0
Diosgear. 1460
view. a: Bence Haneyts (Tibor Xatari, Gabor Varga)
Danilovics – Szűcs K., Szatmári Cs., Bárdos – Németh Má., Molnár G., Lucas, Oláh B., Keller – Könyves, Eppel. Coach: Elondér Kondás.
Electronic job opportunities: Fadgyas – Kovács K., Kiss M., Csonka, Bagi, Vincze Á. – Vital, Topoli, Thomas – Briskin, Avary. Coach: Laszlo Clause.
G.: Book (38)

Our article is constantly updated!

minute by minute

It was said from the loudspeaker that 1,460 people attended the match.

The second half began.

Fans welcomed the DVTK Cup winning basketball team, and the girls also completed the celebratory game in the second half.

Number of shots in the first half: 7:1, Shots on goal: 4: 1

The end of the first half.

45 minutes Oulad Tawila’s shot was defended by Fadgias.

DVTK owned the ball, the hosts hit multiple shots, so the goal was deserved, but shortly before the ETO deserved a penalty…

38 minutes about books! The striker from Diósgyőr drove the ball inward from the left and scored a massive goal under the crossbar from about 20 meters with his right foot. 1-0

Oláh Bálinték (in red) has the ball more, but they failed to score in 30 minutes, but what was late is not over (Photo: Vajda János)
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35 minutes start, but no offense! Breskin will turn into a goal in the 16th minute and the ball appears to be bouncing in the hands of home defender Sato Marie. Referee Bence Hanic did not blow and since there is no VAR technology in NB II, he is not 11. The referee did not stand in a corner to see the treatment, just as Chapa Pinter did not see the treatment in Ferencváros – Kisvárda Note: Match In Bassey, but the video may have helped him, there is no way to do that.

28 minutes Sato Mari Instead of the ball, Briskin kicked for a yellow card.

Try DVTK (Janus Vajda, Northern Hungary) several passes on the left side

27 minutes After Keeler’s left pass, Vinches could not free it, hit the ball in front of Lucas, who shot from 17 yards above the goal.

19 minutes good match! After Kristóf Szűcs’ solo performance, Könyves softly bowed to the right Killer In front of whom he headed, but Kovács closing a few meters from the gate was a big rescue.

17 minutes EPPEL! The striker who first started in DVTK on the left, who barely crossed the sixteen line, was already sent off, but his ball went into the upper right corner.

15 minutes. SZATMÁRI! He shot flat from 30 yards, but Fadgias picked up the bullets in the middle.

13 minutes of small tube management Preskin He tried to aim for the gate but did not hit it from an acute angle.

8 minutes was my first great pose before GYŐR! Toma moved it to the right Smith Who was only facing Danilovic, but the goalkeeper was getting too close to him so he couldn’t shoot the ball over him. DFanilovics hit the ball into the corner, but it did not enter the net.

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3 minutes. Avary gets to the ball first.

2 minutes. Molnar’s administration was withdrawn by Fadgias.

The match has begun! ETO is green and DVTK is red.

We salute our dear readers, the match will start soon. We’ll see what DVTK, who lost at Pécs in the previous round, faces against ETO, who knocked out Mol Fehérvár from the Hungarian Cup on Thursday!


Vasas beat Szolnok in this round, so they are ahead of the table ahead of the DVTK – ETO – match The results of the round so far can be read here!

Prior to the round, Dioscure, who topped the list in the previous round, won 3-0 after 13 unbeaten matches in the Pecs, but on home soil, Dioscure has won seven straight games and has not won a league game this season. In the fall, both teams finished 2-2 in Gyor.

DVTK (in white) was last closed in Pécs for 3-0 (Photo: Péter Löffler)

ETO has yet to win a championship this year, having beaten twice by three defeats, but in the Hungarian Cup he was in the top four with a victory over Fehérvár on Thursday.

DVTK’s main team changed hands in seven positions compared to the last match, only Chapa Szatmari, Pence Bardos, Lucas and Balant Olah remain from the main team in Pécs. Márton Eppel, who signed to DVTK in the winter, will make his debut. Szilárd Bokros and Csaba Belényesi have been left out of the frame due to minor injuries, while János Hegedűs, Tamás Szeles and Gergő Csatári have not been posted for long.

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DVTK’s self-taught player, Patrick Baksa, is sitting there on the bench at Gyor, ex-Diosgior’s Zolt Avary has been put in the starting squad, Richard Vernes is the bench player, while Zoltan Liptak and David Forgacs are injured. From ETO, Zoltán Horváth, seated on Diósgyőr’s bench, has played in ETO before. DVTK’s head coach is Elemér Kondás, who also worked for Győr in the 2019-20 season. in Diósgyőr is currently waiting for teams and fans at 3°C