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Note II: There might be another way to get back on top – Patrick Tishler

He felt they wanted him – Lóránt Oláh, Budafok MTE’s sporting director, repeatedly called Patrick Tischler, who is he said yes.

The striker who signed with Budafok also spoke of family, desire to prove it and tepid water (Photo:

“Several bands contacted me, mostly NB II leaders, and although I spoke with the leaders of the leading bands, we did not get a specific offer with them. The thirty-year-old striker told our newspaper. “If it was too challenging, I would have decided otherwise, but I have to keep my family’s best interests in mind.” We were only going to move again in very justified cases, and we also planned to register in Budapest or somewhere close to it. When Oláh called Lórán, I was sure they wanted to have it, and that feeling was reinforced when I spoke to coach Csaba Csizmadia. We agreed soon, and although I thought I would only have a team in early mid-July, I am happy to be ready with Bodavok.”


Csaba Csizmadia, Technical Director of Budafok MTE:
“When it turned out that Patrick was leaving Debrecen, he immediately approached Laurent Olah and told him we wanted him to continue with us. The fact that he was chosen by a huge gunman, a footballer of this caliber – he scored 62 goals in two hundred and fifty NB I matches – did not come To our club before. I’m sure he helps us, and I see in him I’m very excited. Our squad is being formed, as well as the signings of Marc Perrault and Oliver Horvath already. We will definitely sign a goalkeeper, and some youngsters may come. We will have a training camp in Telke from On Monday, the 12th of July in Slovenia, I am confident that we will be able to prepare in full frame.”

He spent the last two seasons at VSC in Debrecen, so the question is whether he should step down from one category as a step back.

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“Out of my family’s best interest, Bodavock decided I wanted to play anyway. Wanting to prove it worked in me. At Loki, I scored eight goals in my first year in NB II, and we made them. After that I was able to spend a little time on the field, I was successful only three times. I knew I wouldn’t be able to choose from NB I options anymore… I think I made the right decision. And I didn’t even give up being able to get back to the cutting edge. I had already finished the period in Debrecen from my career, when I didn’t I play, I didn’t bother society, I didn’t cringe, I worked hard. I did what I could, my conscience clear. I’ve never sold loose in Budavok, like I said, though I feel good, the matches are missing, it takes time Until I get into great shape. The question remains as to what Budapest is capable of; MTK, Gyirmót and Diósgyőr definitely want to come back, and there’s a surprising difference, so we have a tough year ahead. I didn’t know Csaba Csizmadia as someone who tolerates lukewarm water, so we can Tie our pants.”