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Note: I’m mentally fine! – Lászánd Pászka

With five NB I matches, tournament gold medalist and Hungarian Cup winner Lóránd Pászka, who is already training with Ferencváros in Bad Radkersburg (Regede), Austria.

Lorand Paszka with the Hungarian Cup (Photo: Šaba Dumotor)

– In his second match in NB I, he was able to celebrate the Hungarian championship title, and in his second match in Ferencvaros Cup, he was able to celebrate the Hungarian Cup victory. Did you manage to process what happened to you at the end of the season while on vacation?
“There’s been a lot going on with me in the past few weeks or months, but I feel like I’ve been and am still in a position to put up with the success.” He answered our paper Lászánd Pászka, He is a 26-year-old player from Ferencváros, who earned his Üllői út winter certification from Soroxar of the second division. – I can safely say I’m mentally fine!

– Where did you spend your vacation?
Back home in Transylvania, with my dad. I haven’t traveled anywhere, the real entertainment for me is being at home with my family. I like to spend as much time as possible with them, as we can’t meet often during the year. The family also helped me a lot to put things right.

– Who is the best counselor in the family?
“My parents and brother stand by me in everything, and whatever happens, I can count on them.” I was reminded that even though I became a Hungarian champion and a Hungarian Cup winner in a short amount of time, I exploded in front despite staying on the ground with both feet. You know, you know, I’m not the type to take off on your own and think the world is his. Regardless, we talked a lot, there was a lot of talk about staying so humble, working hard, and doing my best to succeed. Then my calling will be the result again.

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– Were you able to relax physically?
– I was actively resting at home. I also visited and recharged my friends in and around Kézdiszentkereszt, and although the summer holidays did not last long, I returned to the club refreshed and relaxed.

– These days they are a training camp in Bad Radkersburg: what is the burden?
– Based on what we’ve seen so far, we’re looking forward to a solid setup… We’ve started work, but there’s no problem with that, actually. We are willing to be prepared, both physically and spiritually, for the tasks ahead, to suffer eternal truth, to succeed.

“Who’s in the training camp room in the morning?”
– Butka with Andrei. I wouldn’t have called ourselves a familiar couple, for I had arrived in Ferencvaros in the winter, and then missed the training camp due to many missing. This is my first time in a foreign training camp with the team. Andrei Botka should be in the national team, but due to his injury he was unfortunately unable to be with the national team, as he is rehabilitating in Austria. We can work in great conditions, and most importantly, we just have to focus on football.

– You also have the last two testimonials, Dutchman Mats Knoyster and Malian national football team Adama Traore: what are your first impressions of them?
“They look like normal men, and what is important is that Ferencvarus can be a source of strength.” Adama Traore celebrated his birthday the day we arrived at boot camp, bye-bye after dinner, and we seem very pleased with the surprise.

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– New terrains are waiting for you, they will start in the Champions League in a month. Joy?
“I’m looking forward to our first match, but I wouldn’t say I’m too excited.” I will blast the match days from abroad, the first match of the qualifiers awaits us on the fifth or sixth of July, and the draw will be held on the fourteenth of June.

Do you think you can catch up at the end of the season in the starting lineup over the long term?
– It is likely to be decided during the summer preparations. We will see how many roles coach Stanislav Cherchesov will give me in the future. Definitely not depending on me, I will do my best while preparing to wait for the BL qualifiers and the championship in the best possible condition.