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Nothing Phone performed well in an endurance test (1)

We previously reported that Nothing Phone (1) It is not easy to fix the nut It comes, even before we have to announce that There may be some problems with your device screen. We have no intention of discrediting the device, in fact, we’re happy to tell you that the phone did well in the harsh Zack Nelson stress test, which underwent a bend test in addition to the usual scratches and display burns.

The mobile screen has a pre-installed screen protector, a small kindness from the manufacturer. After our favorite videographer tortured the phone by removing the film, the smartphone takes on the papery look, as for fragility: the Gorilla Glass-coated screen starts to scratch most spectacularly at the sixth level of the Mohs scale. The screen on Nothing Phone (1) also holds up well, torture from the lighter turning the affected pixels white after about 40 seconds, but once the heat is gone, it comes back to life, so the damage isn’t permanent. By the way, all organic displays work almost the same way, and the Nothing Phone (1) OLED panel is no exception.

The device also holds up to bending well, although the videographer also notes that it initially experiences some dreaded bending, but then the phone’s recycled aluminum frame still stands up to testing and doesn’t suffer permanent damage. The same thing happens when the phone is under pressure from the back, but some breaks can already be detected along the antenna lines. But in the end, the tool stays together again, and that’s what ultimately matters.

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Overall, it can be said that Nothing Phone (1) performed well during the stress test. Of course, the case is not a defect, the best is a transparent solution that allows you to see the unique back cover.

Source: JerryRigEverything

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