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Now it’s on sale, but as of July 1, this popular delicacy could become more expensive in Hungarian stores

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This time, the cross-purpose of our business chase is new products offered at discounted prices in department stores, but soon to be subject to the public health product tax.

previously we wrotewho – which from 1 July Raising the tax rate on products subject to the public health excise tax, a number of The tax will be extended to new product group: Such as muesli, cereals, candied fruits and fruit pulp.

We considered the cost of two of the above products in the current specialized newspapers of large stores:

The Diban 750g Happy Harvest Choco Chips gapon flake is HUF 939 instead of 999 HUF.

The in Lidl A Nestlé Fitness granola of 300 grams costs HUF 799.

The Suburban Nestle cereals are available in 225 and 250 grams for 649 HUF instead of 799.

The in Tesco If you buy 3, 1 piece of Nestlé 24/25g Cereal Chips and Nestlé Fitness Cereal Chips costs HUF 86.

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