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Now Ramóna Lékai-Kiss sets the bar very high

He formulated in his post ideas that are worthy of attention, and more people can know them for themselves.

Lately it seems that Lékai-Kiss Ramóna describes her innermost thoughts, or some of them, more often. We support this to the fullest extent as it expresses intelligent, constructive and positive ideas.

It conveys more value, and given where our world is headed, we need these words more than enough. She last described what she thought about it on Women’s Day, shortly after, of course, wishing her a Happy Women’s Day too.

Ramona pointed out that there are many husbands who quarrel on that day, as the gentlemen forget that it is Women’s Day. The TV2 star’s mother taught that one of the secrets of a long relationship is if you don’t wait until you get angry, and how true that is…

Schubert testified about the deepest period in Lara’s life

Let’s just remember how many times we’ve played a secret in our heads, whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, or in this case Women’s Day, that he “forgets” anyway, and we’re well upset.

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