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Occupy a classroom with a stray deer in Canada

The school’s students and teachers were also visited unexpectedly, but the young deer have since been returned to the wild.

On Thursday, a young deer smashed a northern Canadian school window with its horns, then occupied a hall, and took several shots at it.

Story – About NBC News too mentioned – Saskatchewan Provincial Government post on Twitter. The stray deer caused minor disturbances at Sylvia Fedorock’s school in Saskatoon, the largest city in the county, but the record also reveals that school staff reported it to police who returned the animal intact to the wild.

In their paintings, a deer—identified elsewhere as a female but marked “ox” in some photos—is standing in a classroom, the floor covered in shrapnel from a broken window.

else, Sarah Bullgard A video uploaded by Twitter to Twitter is said to have seen deer moments before they stormed Saskatoon Elementary School Thursday morning.

“Oh, poor little man!” Bolgaard yells in the video that shows a deer running through a neighborhood near the school.

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The video description also reveals that a few minutes after the registration of the daughters of mothers studying at this school arrived, students were warned about deer in the public school announcer.

Another Twitter user Jamie Nicol He wrote next to his picture – which was separated from the animal by a glass window – that “I found the moose”.

Saskatoon police say the moose have been safely struck, captured and released unharmed in the wild.

The escaping moose escaped from the principal’s office and set out with conservationists to find a safer place to dance.

The police tweeted.

“Students and staff have been removed from the area and parents and caregivers have been asked not to come to the school,” he said. Veronica BakerThe tank district spokesperson emailed, then continued, “We are very grateful that all students and staff are safe.”

The Saskatchewan Department of Environment did not respond to a request from NBC News.