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Of course, Elden Ring’s toughest main enemy has already been depressed by the dance mat.

Many say that Elden’s ring is still too heavy, but there are those who actually put Malinia into a wedge as she entered the room.

If my memories don’t cheat, I played Elden Ring for about 90 hours, trying to uncover every secret, clearing all my dungeons, executing every boss, and doing whatever errands I could.

Obviously this wasn’t my first rodeo, but I still don’t consider myself a smarter-than-average player. However, there was only one boss (Starscourge Radahn landed first, the last main opponent was third), with whom I struggled for hours, separating him several times with only one hair of victory. And he is none other than Malenia, Blade of Miquella.

Malenia is a particularly disgusting boss because it’s not enough to smash our HP in a matter of seconds, healing yourself after every hit – even if we block his. This boss has driven a lot crazy, but the heroine of the video below, Luality, cuts Malenia using an unusual contour: a dance mat triumph.

The lesson was abandoned as Luality pushed it so loosely that between the two boss stages there was time to quickly adjust the lipstick.

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