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Official services received a new device due to iPhone hardware issue

According to the indications, Apple’s trigger threshold has been exceeded by one of the common fault phenomena in iPhones.

Although the presentation of the iPhone 14 series scheduled for September is fast approaching, now it is not exceptional Rumors about upcoming devicesBut Apple appeared in the news due to the fault of the previous models.

The Mac rumors Because it was reported recentlyCupertino service centers and official service partners have also received a new software tool with which they can explore the reasons behind random restarts of iPhones more effectively than existing methods.

It is specifically a system stability diagnostic tool that will be deployed if customers using iPhone 11 or later devices complain about their phones restarting unexpectedly. Organizing the solution that is part of Service Toolkit 2 suggests that this is not an uncommon problem, a Mac rumors However, according to an internal note I obtained

The new software automatically evaluates your iPhone’s analytics history and detects if there have been frequent restarts in the past two weeks. If the inspection finds that this is indeed the case, the official manual will recommend hardware repair to technicians. On the other hand, if the diagnoses find no indication of this, To the support page available at this link They should direct customers to where they can get help dealing with software crashes.

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