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Officials seconded to China will check big tech algorithms

This would also prevent potential social harm and monopolistic operations, not to mention protect national security interests.

In China, government officials will personally investigate “potential breaches of algorithms” by internet giants. The state-controlled Internet regulator said in a statement Friday that it was targeting “high-impact and large-scale sites, platforms and products,” though none were named, Bloomberg reported on Monday. from his report.

According to them, the regulator expects Chinese tech companies to submit relevant algorithms for some review, thus preventing “excesses and misinformation”. If the technologies used by the company are deemed defective or illegal by the relevant authorities, the companies will face unspecified penalties.

All of this would force the biggest tech companies to comply with the rules developed earlier this year banning the dissemination of fake news generated by algorithms and consolidating monopolies through algorithms. The power’s stated goal will be to reduce Internet addiction, prevent social unrest, and protect China’s national security interests.

Everyone is excited about legislation

In practice, the planned actions represent another step in curbing the growing power of big tech companies. The Chinese government is trying at all costs to maintain its central control over the Internet, and one of the main issues is controlling the data collection practices of the companies involved, monitoring their investments and capital flows, and indirectly putting pressure on company managers. Recently, a number of company founders have resigned from leadership positions in their companies.

It’s worth noting that China isn’t the only country where lawmakers are trying to make tech companies’ algorithms more transparent and manageable in some way. A widespread regulatory proposal has also been published in the UK for the distribution of illegal or harmful content (on this Business Insider website). Based on his report At least 11 times the word algorithm), the United States also introduced a bipartisan bill to prevent the computational publication of misinformation.

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