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Oji Pataki told me about the secret of beauty

Uji Pataki He sincerely believes that not only young people can be beautiful, but also old people, only in a different way. Ági was looking for a balance between aging and health, the recipe shared by Lifetv this morning Wake up with us! in its presentation.

It’s Uji Pataki
Wake up with us! in the show

I was looking for a great guy, a young, innovative and dedicated developer who I told him that as a person grows up, what they do for themselves plays an increasingly important role. Genetics itself plays less and less. It’s pretty obvious that we need to do this for our health, but it’s not so obvious that we need to do this for our looks either. I am so brave that I can say that not only can a young man be beautiful, but an older person can be beautiful, only differently than a young man.” The former top model said. He added that health was not always very important in his life, but it also somehow came to him with age.

“The more information I get, the more interested I become and the more committed I become to a healthy lifestyle. This means that I try to lead an active life, I’m not just trying to watch TV leaning back, I try to shape my diet to be as healthy as possible.” Ági included.

“Much of everything in life is a matter of habit. It does not matter how we live in old age, just by example.”

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