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Olympic, World and European Championships remain with the FTC –

Olympic Handball Champion Beatrice Eduigi, Olympic, World and European Champion, will not return to Russia’s Rostov on loan, but will continue her career in Hungary at FTC-Rail Cargo – He said club site.

Beatrice Edwig resides in Ferencvaros (Photo:

The 33-year-old Olympian, the world and Europe Beatrice Edwig, Who was an Audi ETO player in Győr between 2019 and 2021, came on loan from Russia’s Rostov-on-Don to Ferencváros in February of this year. After the loan agreement expired, the French handball player signed a two-year contract at Népliget.

“I am very happy to be able to continue my career with Individual next season – Beatrice Edwig told “It gives me great pleasure, I am confident that together we can build the team even more and that a special journey awaits us. My goal for next season is to develop with the team. I think if we can move forward, the result will be the same – I want us to achieve in the Champions League. More than this year to win the championship and keep the Hungarian Cup.”

“There were complicated negotiations, Pia was awarded a contract for another year with Rostov-on-Don, but I am happy and convinced that she will finally stay with us – explained Zsolt Görög, Managing Director. His position is one of the best in the world and he has demonstrated that with Individually in recent months, which is why I considered it a serious achievement that we were able to keep. I am confident that our team will develop further and will steadily show the face it will be in the matches against Giord, because I want us to achieve all our goals next season.”