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Omega continues with new members and names

We believe that the tragedies of the past year and a half dealt her a fatal blow Omega for the orchestra. But the music seems to be stronger than the sadness, because the band is never ending, re-formed as the Omega Testamentum. . books Blake. Right, the singer won’t be found yet, he’s definitely going to play with the new members Ferenc Debrecchinii.e. Ciki and former guitarist, Kata from Szulusi he is.

Drummer Ferenc Debreczeni at OMEGA’s concert to celebrate the 55th anniversary of their formation at Budapest’s Pab Laszlo Sports Arena in 2017. (Photo: MTI)

The award-winning Hungarian rock band Omega Kossuth and Les Ferenc was formed in 1962. As is known, the legendary keyboardist of the band passed away in November 2020, Laszlo Pinkoa few days later by a former bass player, Tamas MihalyAnd last December, the cult leader, Janus Kubor died while Georgy Molnar The elephant is suffering from a serious illness recently performed on.

Andras TrancosOn Thursday, the band’s manager, Lajos Boros and his friends told King Lally about his plans for the Omega business. Like I said

I want to put together a band called Omega Testamentum that includes Ciki and Kati and I’ve found guitarist Zoltán Maróthy. By the way, he is the deputy director of the Kupania School of Music.

The manager also talked about the fact that at the moment, although I don’t know who the singer will be, it’s definitely

You need a singer who doesn’t even want to sound like Janos Kubor, because you can’t. We need a very good singer to redefine songs

Ferenc Debrechini, i.e. Kiki, confirmed to the newspaper that the resulting band would not be a memorial band, but rather “a team that will continue their work.”

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