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Once again, America deeply angered China

Zhao Liqin, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, explained Beijing’s strong opposition at a press conference. The spokesman also called on the United States not to clash with the dissidents who defend Taiwan independence.

Taiwan has no other status under international law than being an inalienable part of China

Zhao stressed.

China was not invited to the virtual meeting on December 9-10. Taipei thanked him for the invitation on Wednesday.

Thanks to this summit, Taipei can share its experience of its success in democracy

Xavier Chang, spokesman for the presidential office in Taipei.

China has considered Taiwan its own territory as part of its government since 1949. Relations between Beijing and Taipei froze again after years of rapprochement after the government led by Taiwanese President Kag Jing Fen rejected the 1992 agreement incorporating the China Principle, which Beijing sees as a precondition for negotiations.

The Chinese government has since sought to limit Taiwan’s room for maneuver on the international stage through diplomatic means, applying economic pressure on Taiwan, and holding regular military exercises in the island’s immediate vicinity.

In October, the Chinese Air Force sent a record number of combat aircraft to the island’s air defense zone. Beijing’s recent escalation of tensions is partly due to the “collusion” of Taiwanese politicians with foreign powers.

Cover image source: MTI Photo / Sarah Silbiger

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