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Once again, Capcom is accused of theft

We recently reported that the horror film maker has accused Capcom of theft in connection with Resident Evil: Village, and now another similar case has surfaced, which ribbed Details wrote.

According to the newspaper, designer Jodi A. Jurassic has filed a lawsuit against the Japanese company for allegedly using his images to develop Resident Evil and Devil May Cry games without his permission. In 1996, Juracek published his book Surfaces: A Visual Search for Artists, Architects, and Designers, which contained 1,200 self-made images of various surfaces. The volume was accompanied by a CD, on which the images could be accessed in digital form, and their use was also permitted for a reasonable license fee.

According to Juracek, Capcom did not pay him, and he said he used at least 80 of his photos in 200 different instances in various forms. For example, the Resident Evil 4 logo was based on a photo of broken glass he took in Italy (see above) – and he said it was unlikely that the Japanese company made an image like it. He was also aware of one of the doors to Resident Evil 4: he allegedly used a photo taken at Newport Mansion (below) where no one else was allowed in, so he ruled out Capcom taking a similar photo. One.

Juracek was provided with evidence by a Capcom data leak last year: He said, in at least one case, a Japanese motif bears the exact same file name as it appeared on his CD.

Juracek is now claiming $12 million in damages plus license fee arrears ($2,500-25,000 per image) – Capcom has not commented on the news.

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