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Once again, the pandemic has been the lion’s share of New Year’s sermons

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“The situation is incomparably better this year than it was last year thanks to vaccinations,” the British Prime Minister said in a video message marking the New Year.

Boris Johnson also praised the UK’s economic performance, saying its vaccination program has enabled the island nation to “maintain the most open economy and society of any European economy”.

As I said, despite concerns about omicron, one thing is certain: We are in a much better position on December 31 of this year than we are on December 31, 2020.

German Chancellor Olaf Schulz called on people to work together to tackle the pandemic and promised swift action to combat the omicron variant.

“We want another 30 million vaccines by the end of January, so we are ready for Omicron. We will do everything together, if united, we can finally defeat the virus next year,” he said.

The Chinese head of state highlighted the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong and Macao in his New Year address.

“The Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games will start in Beijing in more than a month. The event also aims to get more people involved in winter sports. We will bring the Olympic Games to the world with all our hearts,” added the Asian head of state. .