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Once again, two free games are available on the Epic Store

Within a week, distribution of games on a daily basis could begin again.

As promised, the Epic Games Store, which has been in operation for three years, is back with two more free games to win for PC games. Godfall: Challenger Editiont and the Architect’s Prison They can be added to their user accounts.

GoodvaleSource: Counterplay Games

Godfall: Challenger Edition is a free, single-player campaign version of the absolutely stunning action game released for PlayStation 5. Players can mow their opponents into three additional game modes available after the game’s full story mode is completed, and can play with the hope of getting better gear. In contrast, Prison Architect is a prison construction and management game that doesn’t take itself more seriously than it needs to be.

From late Thursday afternoon, the Epic Games Store was reported to be back in festive mode, with free deals every 24 hours, as seen by France’s DeLabs. according to The company will launch with Shenmue 3.

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