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One hundred thousand pockets for well-behaved Slovak pensioners

Thank you very much – the Ministry of Finance writes in a cover letter for the voucher sent to Slovak pensioners in Bratislava new word According to the report. He also thanked for “the exemplary protection of public funds, as the fight against COVID-19 is the most effective and least expensive. road Vaccination “.

In Slovakia, those over the age of 60 who have been vaccinated are entitled to a check of 300 euros (110,000 forints).

At a nursing home in Svednik, a 100-year-old resident named Marie revealed that she was among the first to perform vaccination checks. It is possible that the check for 300 euros has already arrived at your address, which is 55 kilometers from where you are. “I have a mailbox there, I’m afraid something might happen because the mailbox is near the road,” he told television.

Another resident was more fortunate. The courier knew that it was not at the address on the envelope, but at the institution.

“In the event that the right holder wants to verify or change his address, he should visit the website where he can do so,” said Michaela Lovasova, a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Finance. However, the ministry advises elderly people who have already received the three doses of the vaccine not to change their address because their data is already ready for printing.

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