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One of Elon Musk’s amazing ideas has come true: dig a tunnel underneath Las Vegas

An Elon Musk side project has come true: The Boring Company dug a tunnel under the Las Vegas Convention Center to confront Tesla from one high-profile suite to the next. The big factory started now.

The question that arises: What is the purpose of such a tunneling system? Well, the subway is basically an impressively good public transportation in big cities, the only problem is that metro investments are traditionally toxic everywhere.

He asserts that the goal of The Boring Company is to drastically reduce the cost of tunneling and speed up the implementation of projects so that it can drive many tunnels cheaply and quickly under our cities, forming a kind of underground highway network. Villanyautó Article.

The Las Vegas project is part of a larger future chain that will start at the international airport and move to casinos and hotels.

Tesla moves contractors in an underground tunnel in Las VegasSource: youtube / CNBC Television

Depending on traffic, 45 minutes will now be reduced to two minutes, with underground electric cars costing $ 20 million per kilometer, and later becoming part of a distance of 25 and three and a half kilometers. Meter network.

A section of the new underground tunnel network:

The purpose of the tunnel system is not to replace or replace the metro, but rather to supplement it. As Elon Musk previously said, we can only expand in three dimensions on the surface of the ground, with underpasses and bridges, with the road network, but there is a large area underground to remove traffic jams and traffic. For this, of course, electric cars are the ideal pairing, since you do not have to worry about discharging combustion products into the tunnel. Although the stunning Tesla is now still being driven underground by a chauffeur on a semi-closed track, autonomous driving is a much simpler task here than on the roof.

This will be the entire network of underground tunnels that Elon Musk dreamed of under Las Vegas:

The Las Vegas Convention Center is a huge market city that hosts a number of important events (it hosted it prior to the pandemic). It has a 300,000 sq.m indoor exhibition area of ​​180,000 sq.m. In the last “Year of Peace”, in 2019, more than 45 million people attended here.

At the now-delivered tunnel stations, cars can be called to us in an app, either from Uber or some taxi company. In order, the car takes us directly to our destination – a total of 62 Tesla was in service and the fleet is capable of accommodating a total of 4,400 visitors per hour.

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