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One of the guests was afraid of Aniko Molnar’s brain atrophy, so he gave up his tattoo

However, the change has no effect on Molnar’s daily life.

It turned out a few weeks ago Anikot Molnar ten years ago with cerebral atrophy been diagnosed. She was immediately panicked by the pest and her anxiety intensified, but over the years it turned out that it had no effect on her life.

I’m not suffering, I have absolutely nothing wrong with. It’s a small lesion on my body that has no protrusion whatsoever. I first went for a check-up two years later and the lesion was the same. After that, I went for it again for three years and it was the same size until then, so it didn’t grow any more. It really does look like some infant or some very old trauma hit that area, at least I trust it. It hasn’t been three years yet, but I feel good

. said to focusIn Anikó Molnár, who lost a guest though after his old diagnosis was made public.

One of the guests had the tattoo canceled because he didn’t come to me because he read in the newspaper that I had cerebral palsy and didn’t trust me. I looked as great as I have in recent years and tattooed thousands of people and I have no fault of it

Aniko Molnar reassured the people.

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