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One of the world’s leading companies owns a global recycling center in Hungary

The investment and its joint delivery serve to enhance the long-term strategic cooperation between the Hungarian Government and PMI. PMI CIRCLE’s Hungarian recycling plant, global center and engineering laboratory required to test products are all essential parts of the eco-friendly design and implementation of the company’s completely smoke-free technologies.

PMI is undergoing a major transformation to achieve a smoke-free future. The company wants to contribute to the creation of a circular economy by developing more environmentally friendly products and improving the life, repair and recycling of products. The company aims to have all smoke-free electronic devices environmentally certified by 2025 and to be able to be collected and recycled.

PMI is increasingly focusing on sustainability and creating a circular economy, thus reducing environmental damage as well as mitigating environmental damage. There are currently two PMI CIRCLE centers in the world, one – now delivered – in Hungary and the other in Japan. In addition to the plant, there is also a global operational center in Hungary, along with an engineering laboratory for product testing, where the company, Hungarian research groups and universities intend to play a major role in product development.

“The current PMI investment of HUF 3 billion is also supporting the Hungarian economy. In addition to Hungary, there is only this recycling center in Japan, which is special because the global engine for the entire recycling center is here in Hungary,” said Tamas Mincer, Minister of State for Information and International Presentation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. .

“Hungary’s excellent location, excellent infrastructure, external economic relations, economic and investment environment, and the Hungarian government’s commitment to sustainability are all critical arguments in choosing a location. In the post-pandemic period, our economies need to rely on the Better technology solutions for a sustainable future.” COVID has shown how science and technology can respond to societal problems. We must also seize the opportunities offered by science, technology and innovation. PMI CIRCLE is one such project in which we try to harness the power of science and technology,” added the Sustainability Director.

In the first round, the company spent about 10 million US dollars (3 billion HUF) on setting up the facility in Hungary. In addition to the initial investment, a minimum of $3.4 million annually thereafter, that is approx. Regular expenditures are expected to be HUF 1 billion, which can be expanded later with further development and growth spending.

At the initial stage, approx. 150,000 machines are processed per month at the Hungarian headquarters. They come to Hungary mainly from Europe. However, in the long term, the company plans to acquire more coverage and increase capacity.

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