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One step closer to winning the 21st Grand Slam – after 2019

Confident, in four sets, Italian Matteo Berrettini lost to 20-times Grand Slam winner Rafael Nadal 6:3, 6:2, 3:6, 6:3 in the Australian Open semi-final on Sunday.

Rafael Nadal is already in the Australian Open finals (Image: AFP)


It was a great start

Rafael Nadal Previously Beretini He took his first serve to 15, while at worst he raised his serve to 30, so It’s 5: 3 The Spanish Classic can win the first set. Then his Italian opponent caught himself, about 40-0 He returned evenly, but the Spanish tennis player finished the match with two confident points.

The second set was easier to Nadal, where Beretini As in the first and second, he immediately failed his first serve, then in vain missed three breaks at 2-0, no longer knowing the fourth, so he was 3-0 behind. On the other hand, the Spaniard continued his confident serving style, so he succeeded in achieving this group as well, 6:2 re.

In the first two games Peretini He couldn’t find himself that, despite winning 81 percent of his first servings the first time, he was only 13 percent behind on the second serve—he scored just one point from eight attempts. In the second set, he couldn’t win his first wickets with this efficiency – just 57 percent – and his second stroke rate didn’t improve. Despite the fact that he fired nine aces alone, that didn’t cause much trouble to Nadal In addition, there were 24 unintended errors in the two groups.

Berrettini’s last ray of hope

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In the third match, the Italian still could not serve convincingly, only managing his first two matches at 40, but 3 o’clock He managed to lock his serve for nothing and then use the second break ball to take his opponent’s start to 15. He then showed confident play three times in a row. Peretini, The start didn’t tremble when working for the group, it resulted in no boom in the third group, so 6: 3-as He was able to beautify his success.

Nadal His game hasn’t necessarily declined in this group since then 69 percent He was still able to get his first stakes – he produced 70 percent in the first and 64 percent in the second – but behind the second member he only got the points 40 percent It was successful. On the other hand Beretini He won 16 of his 19 first stakes (84 percent), while he got 6 of 11 points behind the second serve, which was enough to catch him. Nadal.

Nothing else comes back

He may have shined due to the healing of the organs Beretini his eyes, and he had a good chance of working on his identified flaw. It was compressed instantly in the first boom waitress – The Spaniard could only raise his starting level to 30 – while serving 3: 3 ig The Italian did not bring anything to her. But then something happened in him, 30-15 After that he got a break ball Nadal, although he still passed the first Beretini, he doesn’t know the second anymore. The Spaniard welcomed this opportunity, 5:3 in 15-40 Use the first match ball, so after 2019 again Reached the Australian Open finals.

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Match ball, Rafael Nadal

The interesting thing about the last game is that Beretini One of his best indicators in transmission – 80 percent after the first member, 70 percent after the second, no double errors – but Nadal Looking at the first meals, he could even do it with a shovel – he brought his first serving at 85 percent.

Rafael Nadal Five times during his career (2009, 2012, 2014, 2017, 2019) Australian Openonly of them He can win one, after 2009-Ben.

Waiting for the opposition

Rafael Nadal awaits his opponent after an easy victory in the Australian Open final Stefanos with Sebas or russian With Daniel Medvedev Click together. with the Russians They have met four times so far and won three times, but lost their last match in the ATP World Cup semi-finals in 2020. against the Greeks He entered the field nine times, won seven times, but last year, for example, he stopped Spain’s Cicipasz in the quarter-finals.

The clash between Russia and Greece in the time of Hungary 9.30 They started in.

AUSTRALIAN OPEN (Hard Track, A$75,000,000)
Men’s singles final
Nadal (Spanish, 6) – Berrettini (Italian, 7) 6:3, 6:2, 3:6, 6:3
Sebas (Greek, fourth) – Medvedev (Russian, second)