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OnePlus Europe sales launch

On an annual basis, the brand has nearly doubled its sales, and of course its new cell phones have arrived earlier than usual.

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One thing is that almost every player in the mobile market except for Huawei, Honor, LG and Sony has significantly increased first-quarter sales compared to the shocking opening in 2020, and the other is that some brands are doing amazingly better than they were in the same year. Time last year, Satan of course lives in detail. OnePlus, for example, offers much more cell phones in Europe today than it did 12 months ago, and Its top 9 series also came out in the first quarter, not the second, so it’s no wonder the latter accounts for two-thirds of sales.

The OnePlus 9 Pro has also played its part in the brand’s success in Europe [+]

But this does not deduct anything from Never equal A massive success for the brand in the old continent: sales increased by 388% compared to the 2020 opening, which is close to They increased five times, Revenue grew 286%, which is also an impressive pace of development. The manufacturer’s press release reveals that the UK, Germany and Finland are the crowning podium in terms of revenue, and OnePlus already has three million users across Europe. The Nord chain accounted for a third of the sales, so people were more likely to have high-end phones with a higher margin.

The clean interface of the program and the guaranteed top speed guarantee for years have become more and more popular [+]

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Incidentally, one thing is the success of OnePlus or Oppo, Realme and Vivo separately – together, under the wings of BBK Electronics, they have in fact become the main force of the mobile phone industry when the umbrella company is rarely spoken of and each other by the brands themselves. Nevertheless, the manufacturer Never Settle revealed that it is one of the five European territories in Hungary where OnePlus has managed to gain a foothold, and the presence of more and more tools as well as service offerings contributes to increased brand awareness and recognition.