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Oni: The Way to Be Stronger Oni: Confirmed What He’s Coming Up For

The publishers, Clouded Leopard Entertainment and Shueisha Games, have announced where we’ll be looking for Kenei Design.

First, let’s start with ONI: Road to be the greatest crew of Oni. Director, Artistic Director, and Designer Hayama Kenei (who named the studio after him), producer Yamamoto Masami, programmer Muraishi Shusuke, animation compiled by Tokumori Kenji, game design by Sugano Yuzo, characters composed by standing Matsuura Satoshi, while music composed by Hiromi Yanagi.

In this 3D action game we have to break the heart of our opponent to regain our pride. Kota, the devil, was challenged by a man who eventually defeated him. He arrived on the island of Kisejima, where he met his partner Kazemaru. Kota and Kazemaru grow stronger along the way, but it is doubtful whether they will achieve victory, but Kota’s goal throughout the adventure will be to defeat Momotaro. It was this demon who defeated Kota by taking a male’s body.

Clouded Leopard Entertainment’s ad also talked about Kenei Design: Kenei previously worked at Mistwalker (this studio is known as Terra Battle or Fantasian) as an art designer, but decided to become independent. Once you assemble a team to create your own playing style. Then his design skills caught the attention of Shueisha Game Creators Camp employees, so they chose ONI.

Yamamoto joined as producer: Previously he worked at Let’s Play Games! 2006 and supervisor of the PlayStation CAMP participant selection jury, and has worked on several unique projects (Tokyo Jungle is a prime example, not to mention the series What Did I Do To Deserve This, My Lord?). He then set up his own company (EPIGRAsm Inc.) and Hayama offered him the position of producer, while also serving as a consultant in charge of Shueisha Game Creators Camp, which searches for new challenges among indie games.

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Given Yamamoto’s background, it’s no wonder the game (which comes out this year) is coming to PC (Steam), PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. Let’s not ignore the Japanese Indies either…

source: jimatsu