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Opening of the Museum of the Future in Dubai

The 77-meter-high building was created with an unusually curving circular shape, special design and 3D technology. It is unique that the interface does not have any sharp corners. This is said to have contributed to National Geographic’s classification of the stunning facility as one of the 14 most beautiful museums in the world. The Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, went so far as to describe it as “the most beautiful building on earth” in a message via Twitter.

At the museum, visitors can travel into the future and experience what life might be like in 2071 – as we see it today, of course. The concept of outer space, ecosystems, biotechnology and spirituality will surely change by the time the question arises, of course.

In one exhibit, called New Moon, visitors can study life on a space station floating above Earth’s surface and discover how the moon could become a source of renewable energy in the future.

The 77-meter-high building was created with a special design and 3D technology. Photo: Expressen

Another exhibition focuses on the Amazon rainforest, where we can study species and details that cannot be seen with the naked eye. At the Wellness Gallery, visitors will find themselves in a haven of digital life where the connection between body and soul awaits.

The museum consists of seven floors, five of which house the above-mentioned exhibitions. The first floor is entirely dedicated to “future champions”, children, who can design interactively and creatively, under the supervision of tour guides and local moderators.

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The facade consists of 1024 stainless steel panels made by robots, covering a total area of ​​17,600 square meters. Facade work lasted for a year and a half. Energy is provided by a 4,000 MW solar power plant connected to the building.

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Each floor of the museum is made up of interactive movie scenes, with stories brought to life by experienced storytellers, technologists, and artists. Key themes, in addition to those already mentioned, include climate change, the environment, wellness and spiritual life. The Museum of the Future also hosts special workshops and lectures – Writes Breaking travel news.

The museum garden consists of 100 species of plants that reflect the heritage and biodiversity of the United Arab Emirates. Moreover, the facade of the museum “speaks Arabic”. In fact, we see a screen commemorating the poetry of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, supplemented by Matar bin Lahej’s calligraphy.

One of the three quotes surrounding the interface reads: The future belongs to those who can imagine, plan and implement. It’s not something you wait for, it’s more than you make.”

Admission is free for children under three and adults over 60 years old.