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“Opening the stands is not the end of the epidemic”

Gnes Galgóczi said that the epidemic has reached its level, the epidemiological data is developing positively, and this is also due to the vaccination program. The number of vaccinated persons reached 3,419,450, of whom 1,453,300 had already received the second vaccination.

The head of the department added that the Hungarian vaccination rate reached 34.4 percent, compared to the European Union average of 19 percent.

In presenting the epidemiological data, he said that 3607 other Hungarians were diagnosed with Coronavirus infection during the past 24 hours, which raised the number of infected people in Hungary to 760,967. 214 died, most of them elderly, chronic patients, bringing the number of deaths to 26,001. It is understood The hospital has 7,507 patients, 876 of whom are on ventilators.

He said restaurants and guests are also preparing to open the terraces. He stressed that the opening does not mean the end of the virus.

He added that compliance with protection and epidemic measures as well as hygiene regulations remains important. Waiters will also be required to wear masks on the terraces, and guests are only able to enter the guest room.

Ágnes Galgóczi announced that the Pfizer, Moderna and Sputnik vaccination program will continue this week. And he asked everyone who was called to give himself the second vaccination as well, because it gives more complete and longer-lasting protection.

He expressed this as follows: “By increasing vaccinations, we can move closer to normal life and avoid more waves of epidemics.”

He also said that before the second vaccination, the vaccination doctor would ask the patient about the reactions he had suffered after receiving the first vaccination. Fever, fever, redness, muscle aches, headache, and malaise are temporary reactions that go away on their own. He stressed that the consequences of infection, serious illness, hospitalization, multiple organ failure, and the tragic outcome are greater risks than vaccination reactions associated with vaccination.

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The head of the department reiterated the importance of registration and that all vaccines used in Hungary are safe and effective.

Text messages from a foreign phone number are ignored

An SMS for vaccination will be sent from a foreign phone number, and the vice head of the emergency center for the operational strain responsible for controlling the coronavirus epidemic drew attention to the online press conference on Thursday. The presenter asked those awaiting vaccination to ignore text messages from a foreign phone number without indicating a contact.

He said the text messages were likely to come from a phone number registered in the United Kingdom and invite those awaiting vaccination in the same way as the new vaccination system of the National Immunization Task Force.

He added that the SMS sent by the vaccination team does not come from a foreign phone number, the contact information must include the vaccine information (

Robert Case said the origin of the letters is being investigated by law enforcement agencies and operations staff.

On Wednesday, police said that the police have taken measures against 681 people for failing to wear masks, 652 of them in public places, six in public transport and stopovers, and 23 in shopping malls were wearing or not wearing protective equipment properly.

Violations of the rules for stores, restaurants, accommodations and leisure facilities have so far required 1,046 police action. Of these, 316 cases of negligence on the part of the operator or owner could be identified, and 730 times had not complied with the rules for business opening and limited establishment.

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On Wednesday, police closed a makeshift store and restaurant. The latter is a wine bar in Charvar, which, despite the ban, was opened by the operator and received guests there.

Curfew violations were reported in 160 cases on Wednesday, bringing the number of relevant police actions to 64,993.

On the last day, passengers passing through the territory of Hungary were searched, and 61 cases were violated against those who violated the transit rules. Passengers have been screened since September last year, and 15,813 actions have been taken against people not yet in compliance.

Robert Case explained: 41,857 people in official local quarantine, on Wednesday, orders were issued for such restrictive measures. Among the people in quarantine, 2,763 people have pledged to be checked electronically by the police to ensure they comply with quarantine rules.