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OSK Sepsi: László Diószegi’s response to the sector closure in a video

As stated earlier, UEFA has imposed a fine of ten thousand euros on Sepsi OSK and ordered a partial closure of the stadium for the next match to be played in the European Conference League.

Laszlo Diocese asked fans to chant “Saint George, Saint George” with both hands (Photo: Sepsi OSK)

for punishment – Which we’ve written about here before – The president of the Sepsiszentgyörgy club, László Diószegi, replied on his Facebook page.

“It’s a rare occasion when I talk to you, but I have to now” László Diószegi began his speech to the fans, explaining in the video that during Sepsi OSK’s recent Europa League match against Olimpia Ljubljana, UEFA observer considered the behavior of Sepsiszentgyörgy fans to be racist, at the usual time. “Saint George, Saint George” They chant, raise their hands in the air from their hearts.

UEFA initially requested an explanation of the signal, but did not accept what the club wrote. In addition to the €10,000 fine, 500 seats must be left vacant in the stadium for Thursday’s Sepsi OSK-Djurgarden match. The club announced: It will appeal the decision, but is unable to change the partial closure of the hall, so it will stop further ticket sales and fill the closed part of the grandstand with children.

“We all know it’s a simple act of cheering for our favorite team. But outside, this was thought to be something else, so five hundred seats should remain empty for tomorrow’s match. We can’t do anything, so I turn to you: I’m asking you to make sure no one uses that arm wave in Thursday’s game, let’s try to express our advice in a different way. This time, let’s cheer our team in a different way, not raise our right hands, but raise both, nod, scream, scream – Let’s shout out to the world that we love this city, this team.” László Diószegi said in his Hungarian-language video, and later uploaded a video with this monologue in Romanian.

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Previously, UEFA sanctioned Ferencvárosi TC for similar reasons, and that’s why then Gabor Kubatov, The Chief of Greens and Whites requested that one of their series of distinctive moves, is “From Heart to Heaven” The arm must be swung with both hands to avoid a possible penalty.