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Our country demands a return of the account

He wrote in his manifesto that at the last moment a seat was withdrawn from the group of Hungary, and that seat went to Fidesz, and thus the ruling party could obtain two-thirds in the next state. László ToroczkaiThe president of our country.

According to the declaration, when we counted 99 percent of the votes, our country still had 7 parliamentary seats, but with the start of accumulating foreign votes, the percentage of our country began to drop sharply, and Fidesz due to only a few translations increased the fractional percentage of votes in the list.

We can say that the seventh mandate was taken from our country based on only 48 (!) votes. In view of the fact that a bag of half-damaged ballot papers was found in Târgu Mures, in which there were apparently votes in favor of Hungary, and in the south, VMSZ activists, who had close relations with Fides, handed over consent to the status quo. At the same time, we begin to recount and scrutinize votes, and resort to legal remedies!

– Closes the connection.

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