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Our first FINA World Swimming Championships record, Christoph Milak is the finalist at the best time

The first global summit was held on the third day of the Budapest World Water Championships on Monday. On the back of the 100, American Ryan Murphy led for a long time, but Italian Thomas would have taken off and finished with 51.60, a new world record. It costs $50,000. The rider has already won a medal here, taking a bronze on Saturday with an Italian 4×100 gearbox.

In the most anticipated Hungarian number, we are still in the semi-finals in the 200 butterfly, Christoph Melak took first place in the 50th, his advantage increased by a hundred, the American Orlando came in the 3rd length, but after 150 Melak his irresistible swim, which was run, increased From his advantage constantly, and by 1:52.39 he hit the wall first, of course. This is the best result in the world this year.

“I was with him holding a small show for the castle, and the audience was taken very far away, and they applauded as if it was really the final.”

said the defending champion and world record holder in front of the M4 Sport camera.

Tamás Kenderesi only finished seventh in the second semi-final at 150, but caught the last 50, which was very special to him, and finished third in his own race and sixth overall. So in Tuesday’s final, Milak could start from Track 4 and Kinderici from Week 7. Hungary does not have a World Cup coin yet, you can sign up for the medal table tomorrow.

“I swam just like the times we discussed with my coach, I put the last 50 there, I need to be better in the final. I love this crowd”

Kendrisi explained.

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The biggest throw of the day was seen from 17-year-old Romanian David Popovich, who became the best and world champion in the 200 fasts. Already in the semi-finals on Sunday, he swam to the junior world record (1:44.9), and now he’s improving on that too, winning his first gold medal in his life with 1:43.21, a huge advantage, beating Korea’s second Hfang by more than 1. secondly. Britain’s Olympic champion Tom Dean finished third. The Romanian men’s swimmer has not yet won a gold medal in world championship history since 1973.

Katie Ledecky won the 1500 quickly and Reagan Smith won the women’s 100.