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Our life story: Tamas Vastag feels he will die at the age of 50

He finds this number realistic.

Sándor Friderikusz His last aging show guests were The Thick Brothers, who jumped forward for 25 years twice. in a previous article we showedHow they reacted to each other masked at the age of eighty and ninety.

At the start of the show, before the mask masters could start working on it for hours, they sat down to talk about their family, the evolution of their lives, and the relationship between the two brothers. At one point, Sándor asked Friderikusz if the news was true that he was thirty years old. tamas fasttag He really thinks he will die early.

I think it’s just an experience. Every year since I was 11, there’s something I have to deal with healthily. To date, I have had probably a dozen surgeries performed under anaesthesia. Now I had heart surgery this year in March, which isn’t a serious matter after all, a lot of people have a congenital arrhythmia that’s resolved. Since then, pretty good anyway. But I’ve had all kinds of tumors in my life, and now I have what to look for, and pay attention to. I find fifty real

– He explains his brother’s time, Chapa Vastag In response to his thought, he says he’s confident this wouldn’t be realistic.

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