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Outbreak data are also rapidly deteriorating in the well-vaccinated UK

The number of newly registered coronavirus infections across Europe is increasing by the thousands every day. In the western part of the continent, the United Kingdom, in the east, Russia, Romania and Ukraine are most struggling with the fourth wave of the epidemic. According to the weekly WHO report, the situation in Turkey is deteriorating rapidly.

Globally, statistics show that the number of victims is increasing only in Europe.

Jonathan Van-Tom, the UK’s deputy chief medical officer, said in a recent report that epidemiological data were deteriorating faster and that the UK was worse off than most European countries. He says this is because many people think the epidemic is over. For his part, he expects us to face the harsh winter months. “The epidemic is not over yet,” he added.

In Romania, most hospitals can no longer accommodate new patients, and doctors try to keep people alive in their own cars, taking oxygen bottles next to cars, which is all they can do until they release a single bed.

A woman in front of a hospital told me that she had been with her mother all day sleeping in the car tied to an oxygen cylinder and was now out of gas. Before forcing them to come, he nursed her at home for six days. “He was stubborn, but now he regrets it. He refused to be vaccinated.”

In Russia, the government has ordered a week-long break, but more people are affected and more patients are in need of hospital care. Not far from Moscow, a temporary hospital with a 600-bed and 20-bed intensive care unit has been set up in Kubinga’s Patriot Park.

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