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Overseas – UK to resolve three-decade-old Northern Ireland conflict with Amnesty

Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis said on Wednesday that no one should be prosecuted for involvement in the shootings and bombings related to the conflict in Northern Ireland between 1969 and 1998.

A politician Report According to Brandon Lewis, the UK government will consult with the opposition and the Irish government before submitting a bill in the fall aimed at halting future criminal activity. “After 23 years of the 1998 Good Friday peace deal, it’s time to move forward,” he said.

He believed that the danger of the indictment would lead some former participants to tell the truth about their role in the attacks, which claimed nearly 3,700 deaths over the years. These include the attacks of the Republic of Ireland (IRA) army on England and the attacks of Protestant militants against Ireland.

According to Lewis, the proposed “limited time” would apply to all involved and put an end to the difficult criminal proceedings to prove most murders in the 1970s. The idea was backed by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

But both parties opposed the move for opposite reasons. The trade unionists want a general amnesty only for ex-British soldiers.

The soldiers and policemen who serve the country cannot be compared to the cowardly terrorists who terrorize the people in the guise of darkness hiding behind masks. We see any attempt to balance as an attack

Said Jeffrey Donaldson, president of the Democratic Union.

Sinn Féin, the largest party in the Northern Ireland legislature, led by several former IRA members, on the other hand, wants to prosecute former British soldiers involved in the shooting and conspiracy.

These proposals put the British government forces above the law killing Irish civilians, facilitating their release from punishment and preventing them from being held accountable.

Said Michelle O’Neill, the first deputy minister of Northern Ireland and vice-president of Sinn Fein.

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The amnesty proposed by Brandon Lewis covers all crimes committed from the beginning of the conflict in August 1969 until the agreement was reached on Good Friday, April 10, 1998. However, this does not include subsequent attacks by IRA short groups, including the car bombing of Omak in August 1998, in which 29 civilians were killed.