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Painful defeats Hungary’s boxing match over

Attila Bernat And Richard Kovacs After 80 kg Pal Kovacs He also lost his eighth final bye to the World Boxing Championships in Belgrade where he was

There was no Hungarian boxer left in the competition.

Kovac climbed to the top 16 by defeating Estonia and then his opponents Poland, where Kazakh Norbek Uralbag He has already proven to be a very difficult opponent for him. The Hungarian grip was a bit lightweight in the first round, and his opponent—although he didn’t hit much—was confident and accurate.

Kovács started the second stage particularly well, in the first half he managed to surprise his opponent several times, after a turn he successfully attacked him with nice combos. He kept hitting bravely throughout the race, but the Kazakh overtook him several times in jumping, and found him multiple times with quick sets, so he won this stage as well. In the last round, Bal Kovacs was already very tired, and yet he moved forward, fought quite a bit, but his punches were already inaccurate, and the Kazakh cornered well in turn and won the victory worthy of a record unanimous, he wrote. MTI.

Attila Bernat, who weighs 51 kilograms, is a much stronger Russian than his previous opponent Artyom Zakirov I waited for him. The 21-year-old Hungarian fought superbly in the match, although still a bit shy in the first round, he swayed a bit behind his double wrap, and the Russian was more convincing than him as he started and found more. In the second stage, there was a more balanced fight in the ring, Bernath took over the more open boxing, participated in the changes of punches, so Zakirov spun unsuccessfully at the speed seen in the first, the Hideosage boxer surprised him several times and was an equal partner in the ring. His performance also convinced four scorers, so after six minutes they tied, that is, the third stage decided the lead. In this, Bernat excelled in boxing in the first minute, trying to get past his opponent, hitting several impressive chains, but from the second minute he looked clearly tired.

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Zakirov was in a little better shape, but he couldn’t clean the box anymore, so there were a lot of irregularities in the clamp in the last minute and a half. The fight did not seem to have continued even during the last half-minute, 20 seconds before the end, after a nice left-hand Russian hook, Attila Bernat, who decided the match had to be counted, the scorers all gave the Russian stage, so the match was scored unanimously.

Immediately after that, Richard Kovacs from Nyregyhaza followed, who began work on a field weighing 63.5 kg. Osmer cream against. The lightweight fight showed a very different picture from Bernatek’s. In the first round, both boxers were very careful, and Kovac allowed his opponent to take the initiative and settled on the counterattack. The tactic did not include spectacular boxing, but it seemed that it worked for two and a half minutes, because, with few exceptions, Osmer’s punches were ineffective, and the Hungarian fired them well into the Turkish attacks several times.

Shortly before the end of the clip, Kovac kneeled on the ropes after a Turkish slap to the right and was counted on, which was a bit surprising considering Osmer hit his head with his forearm and Kovacs lost his balance only due to momentum. The count was not legitimate, but the turn was given to the Turks by four scorers.

In the sequel, Kovacs did not change his fighting style, and the Turks advanced more and more boldly and found him more times than before. The Hungarian inconsistencies were inaccurate, and his defense wasn’t perfect either, so he started the last round with a huge flaw. However, even in the last three minutes, Osmer was better than his more liberal opponent, and overall he triumphed with a smooth, unanimous score.

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And the performance of the Hungarian team, consisting of ten players, ended in the Serbian capital on Monday with three defeats. Pal Kovacs was the only one to win at least two matches.

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