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PAION: Bad sentiment among investors after the announcement of capital increase – Stock Analysis (Der Aktionär) | Shares of the day

Gulbach ( – PAION stock analysis by “Der Axner”:

Michael Dupke looks at PAION AG’s (ISIN: DE000A0B65S3, WKN: A0B65S, ticker logo Germany: PA8, NASDAQ and other OTC ticker logo: PAIOF) for investor magazine “Der Axner” in the current stock analysis.

Shares of Biotech fell twelve percent to 2.04 euros on the Trade Gate trading platform on Friday evening. With the announcement of capital increase, PAION is creating a bad mood among investors. After all, the planned issue price of new stocks is disappointing.

PAION plans to issue about five million shares at a price of just 1.54 euros per share. Existing shareholders will have the opportunity to purchase new shares through subscription rights. Subscription rate 13 to 1.

An American institutional investor and ODDO BHF Aktiengesellschaft – subject to certain conditions – to purchase all new shares that have not been subscribed by existing shareholders or other investors at a subscription offer. Net income will be used to “prepare for business launch” of the PAION product portfolio “in selected European countries” and “for public enterprise purposes”.

The lower issue price of the new shares prompted investors. For the short to medium term, capital action may have a negative impact on stock prices.

Interested newcomers are now waiting to calm down the chart because the value of biotech will be interesting for a long time, says Michael Dupke of “Der Axner”. (Analysis from March 22, 2021)

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Stock Markets PAION Stock:

Trading Stock Price PAION Stock:
2,02 Euro 0.00% (22.03.2021, 09:27)

XETRA Stock Price PAION Stock:
2,01 Euro-11.06% (22.03.2021, 09:11)

Ice Payne-Role:


Tigger Logo Germany PAION Share:

Short Profile PAION AG:

PAION AG (ISIN: DE000A0B65S3, WKN: A0B65S, Tiger logo Germany: PA8, NASDAQ Other OTC Ticker logo: PAIOF) is a listed specialty pharmaceutical company that manufactures innovative active ingredients for use in outpatient and hospital anesthesia, anesthesia and intensive care medicine Does. The purpose of post-marketing. The leading combination of PAION is Remimasolam, an intravenous, ultra-short-acting and easily controlled benzodiazepine anesthetic and anesthetic. Remimozolam is a joint venture in many markets outside of Europe. Remimosol is approved for brief anesthesia in the United States and China and for general anesthesia in Japan and South Korea.

PAION aims to be a leading specialist pharmaceutical company in the field of anesthesia and complex care medicine by bringing to market new products that benefit patients, physicians and health partners.

PAION is headquartered in Aachen & Cambridge (United Kingdom). (22.03.2021 / ac / a / nw)

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