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Pal Georvi has also been affected by the epidemic: he has revealed the reason for his concern recently

Pal Georvi would never have thought, as the father of a large family, that he would once fear his children from a pandemic. And since March 2020, he has been working on this on a continuous basis, and in addition to being a spokesperson for the National Ambulance Service, he has also been an important player in the fight against the epidemic.

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a pepper For example, his interview revealed the biggest lesson of the coronavirus pandemic for Georvi.

Pal Georvi with his family on Lake Balaton this year / Photo: Emre Varga

Until now, I used to think that health was the most important value. If there is a problem with it, then all the accumulated wealth will be devalued. The safety of my family is very important, and it has also been strengthened in me. I used to live on my own for a long time, but I’ve changed a lot in recent years, and I’ve become family centered. Sometimes I lay anxious, feeling like I got sick because my throat was scratched. But it only lasted until I hid with Adri, with whom my relationship was deep and harmonious A spokesperson for the newspaper also commented on the upcoming fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

“On the eve of the fourth wave, there is a serious danger that many will bring something other than their luggage from traveling abroad. That is why we are vacationing indoors now, at the Adrienn family vacation home.

I urge as many people as possible to understand the importance of vaccination. My son Adam will turn 12 in the fall and he will already have a chance to get vaccinated, but I still worry about the little ones.

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