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Pal Schmidt is listed among the Immortal Athletes and praised as the greatest sports leader

On Thursday evening, the new members of the Society of Immortal Hungarian Athletes were inaugurated: Rita Koban, Istvan Jr. and Pal Schmidt. They were elected in December 2020, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, club members have just met for dinner. The three replaced Eva Sekele, Giorgi Karpati and Tamas Weichmann, who died in 2020.

The idea of ​​creating a federation of the best Hungarian athletes of all time was floated in 1991 – the hall of fame may be the equivalent internationally – and fans were asked who could be members of this circle and who is the best among the best. . There was no requirement for anyone to be an Olympic champion. According to age, it was still possible to vote by mail, and 126,000 fans took the trouble to fill out their ballot papers, so in fact, fans created their first membership. Then, according to the statute, the deceased members were elected according to the statute.

  • The current members are: Tamas Darnay, Antal Dunay, Kristina Egerszegui, Nandor Fa, Tamas Farago, Zulte Ghulay, Kassaba Hegedos, Yeni Kamoti, Tamas Kelas, Agnes Kovacs, Katalin Zovani Maguar, Eligstar, Egildi. Vascotti

The current members decided that Olympic champion Kayaker Cuban Rita has a place on this tight team. Kuban was the first woman in kayak to become an individual Olympic champion (1996), and it was already her second gold, because in 1992 she became the best in the world with a kayak quad. He has spent nearly 20 years at the forefront of the world.

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“I feel at home: as a family member, or as a friend, though I am the newest one, it is a great honor to find him worthy,” Cuban said.

Istvan Jr. could not be an Olympic champion, because table tennis was included only in the games program in 1988, and by that time he had finished his glorious career. When the current president of the club, Timea the Great, called him and told him the news, he had not recovered for days. “I’m just a world champion, but maybe I’m not bad for that. Usually this move comes in Asia, I don’t know why, but I won a gold medal in Nagoya, Calcutta, Pyongyang, in Europe it was like doing business,” he said funny.

The third member of the club was Pal Schmidt, with the president of the Hungarian Coaches Union, Zoltan Molnar, stating that he was the greatest Hungarian sporting leader. Molnar thought he truly deserved to be immortalized for his sporting accomplishments – two-time Olympic champion and two-time world champion on a team – but he still enjoyed a post-sports career because he is the world’s only ever Olympic champion.

“I was an employee of the People’s Stadium and its institutions, it was nice to watch her tie a tie, so we didn’t dare imitate her. We spoke with pride that the company was run by an Olympic champion, twice that number. He made it to the top on every track just started. It was a moment Brilliant for me when Kamerer Zole lifted him to the top of the podium at the 2006 World Kayak Championships in Szeged after taking the gold from him because he belongs there.”

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Schmidt was president of the Hungarian Olympic Committee for 21 years, but his career began even earlier, in 1983, when he accompanied the president of the International Olympic Committee, Juan Antonio Samaranch, to Hungary and translated for him in Spanish. He had a great influence on Samaranch. Schmidt was named one of the nation’s players in 2014.

“When I look at you, I also see humility. I know your nicknames, and I often think of it that way. It was nice working with you, most of you know I was already a boss, but I didn’t feel that way in or out of the office. It was nice to do so For you if I knew because I felt like a service. Once I knew, I would come to you. Until then, we can proclaim everywhere: healthy in body, healthy in soul,” summed up Schmidt, who was celebrating his 80th birthday last week.