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Parászka Boróka: Andras Wahorn Undisputed. He doesn’t know the basic concepts

Ceterum censeo: Wahorn must disappear from public life immediately.

Kering Gulyás interviewed András Wahorn, “If it’s racist, I’ll take it!”. There are flaws and irregularities in media ethics in this interview that need to be clarified.

Andras Wahorn undisputed. He does not know the basic concepts (ethnicity, racial stigma, racial forensics, etc.). The biases expressed in the interview are not allegations, but incitement, incitement, and outbursts of tantrums – unsuitable for rational discussions, but very dangerous manifestations.

So it is morally wrong for the media to give the impression that the dialogue with all this can and should continue. It’s a sin to give this any level of publicity – even if Marton Golias is clearly guided by the best of intentions and tries to act as decisively as possible against the looks of Wahorn.

A person who claims to “begin using racism” can do one thing in a society that respects basic human rights. To retire quietly and learn very precisely why this does not fit into any just and democratic social standard, consensus.

Because of these appearances, Wahorn should not have been present in Hungarian public life for decades, yet he gets publicity time and time again – this is the irresponsibility of the press.

If someone walked into my show something like that, I wouldn’t argue with him. I would tell the technician to raise his voice right away and urge him to leave the studio as soon as possible.

Radically opposing political views can and should be discussed: it is the most important area of ​​rational social debate. Racism is not a radical political view and it is not a rational system of argument. It is illogical, illegitimate, pathological and therefore intolerable.

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So much for Horne and Julius, who make well-intentioned media decisions but are wrong.

And now let’s talk about the public’s responsibility: those who witness it, the students, the recipients, are also responsible. At such an event, a man who gives his morals and humanity stands and leaves the hall.

How is racism related to regimes of oppression and other pathology:

Wahorn not only stigmatizes and insults Gypsies, but also incites them against women. Sexy, anti-female.

“If B can’t figure out what I want, it doesn’t mean that my desire for ‘B’ is harmful, but that I must channel it into social consensus.” Wahorn says, looking on, pointing at his female audience. The women sit quietly in the hall and listen. “It is not fashionable for us to tell a woman whom you see immediately, to address her, to lie to her.” – He says the women sitting in the audience are still listening. Most of them are young and therefore in many ways more vulnerable and inexperienced women.

Dear ladies and girls. This is the sexism you don’t have to live with. This is the sexism that needs to be treated, and until the offender (the patient?) is confronted with what he is doing, sit quietly, quietly in a secluded corner. If this is said anywhere in public, a woman who gives something to her physical and mental integrity can do the same: get up and leave.

Ceterum censeo: Wahorn must disappear from public life immediately.

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