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Pars Express – Jericho Energy Ventures wins Unit Birvelko as Production Partner for Hydrogen Boilers

JEV partners with specialized manufacturers One to measure initial production

The partnership aims to enable the growth of the company Height Patented claimn Hydrogen boilern Covering the lid

Tulsa (Oklahoma) and Vancouver (British Columbia), 23. March 2021 Jericho Energy Ventures (TSX-V: JEV, Frankfurt: JLM0, OTC: JROOF) (“Jericho”, “JEV” or “Company”), its wholly owned subsidiary, Hydrogen technologies (“HTI”), an agreement in principle Unit Pirvelko Wales (United Kingdom) is associated with technical support, procurement, production and manufacturing Hydrogen cEssel cleanH2steam DCCD.M. Signed.

Unit Pirvelko Is 1902 And an internationally recognized company for comprehensive planning, procurement and construction with specific expertise in the field of heating systems, including complex high temperature systems, projects and capabilities – primarily energy, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals and chemicals and petrochemicals.

“Unit Pirvelko’s years of recognized expertise in the manufacture of heating systems has enabled us to select this company for our first production cleanH2steam DCCHydrogen cEssel is firm. They carry out highly developed and technically demanding projects around the world in similar industries Yourself HTI In his terms Hydrogen cEssel cleanH2steam DCC Has focused. With their commitment to safety, the highest quality standards and their environment, our companies share the same core values, ”said Brian Williamson. CEO of Jericho Energy Ventures.

Psy Wilkinson, CEO of Unit Pirvelko, Said: “Then Establishment A long-term sustainability strategy and achievement Carbon-negative-state Happiness Unit PirvelkoPartner with Jericho Energy Ventures for technical support, procurement, manufacturing and manufacturing cleanH2steam DCCD.M.-Take the boiler. Unit Birvelko’s experience with boilers, heat exchangers and heating systems applies to this project as well. Project Our first step Worldwide Together. Jericho’s innovative drive to get HDIs shows that they are leaders in pure energy. We expect to be a part of this Will last a long time Must be a partner. “

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HTI’s market strategy Purpose Deconstitution of nearly $ 30 billion worth of commercial and industrial heating industries US dollar ab. D.He is the first step in starting a product partnership To Successfully scales the business to meet the growing demand for our hydrogen based boiler solution.

About Jericho Energy Ventures

Jericho Energy Ventures ( Focuses on shifting to lower carbon energy production with investments in hydrogen technologies, energy storage, carbon capture and new energy systems.

Contact person:

Adam Robin

Director, Investor Contact

Jericho Energy Ventures

+1 604.343.4534

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