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Part 4 will be Johnny Knoxville’s last Jackass movie, with 10 years or 50 brainstorming pages

When, in nearly a millennium, as a tribute to Johnny Knoxville Hunter S Thompson, the actor began testing self-defense weapons on his own, he might not even have doubted that the franchise would grow out of it all. However, MTV liked the idea, and the music channel didn’t even have to compete with YouTube and Facebook at the time, so it was all there was for Jackass – and her main characters: Knoxville, Bam Margera, Steve-O, Chris Pontius or Dave England. – They became massive stars on the other hand, brought by the think tank to GQ In his last interview He revealed that according to the current situation, the fourth Jackass movie to be released in September of this year will be the last work in the series that he even worked on.

The actor justified his decision by saying that while he feels lucky to have escaped all their crazy thoughts so far with more or less skin, he does not want to wait for “something irreversible to happen.” According to his admission, the turning point was the 2018 Action Point – Extreme Amusement Park, which was shaken four times while filming it; It was then that he realized that by the age of 50 his body could tolerate less, and he realized that he could not expose his family to constant anxiety about him.

Knoxville also noted that shortly after the Jackass 3D premiere in 2010, he began contemplating new “stunts” that he had already emailed himself with “Jackass 4 Ideas.” When he saw the time had come, he asked his assistant to put them together in a large document. “It was very dense. Think about it, we are talking about a decade of ideas, so it all started from forty to fifty pages,” he explained. Steve-O recently revealed that he’s paralyzed himself from the waist down for the fourth trimester, and he’s even bathed in urine, so we have a feeling a decade of ideas will bring the expected level of excellence.

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