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Pause reminders application, free of charge

We have shown several apps in the past that can help you stay healthy. They are listed in large numbers in our health section, and include software for desktop systems, smartphone apps, or online services. Until today, we’re expanding this collection with another gem that is no longer like a hack reminder app that can be used for free on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Rubber: Pause the reminder app

One numerator Open source software, Which We can download it for free For the three popular desktop systems (Windows, macOS, and Linux). The point is – a bit of a Pomodoro haircut – it warns us at certain intervals to stop working for a few minutes and relax our muscles and relax our eyes. In this home office world, it can come in handy for those who tend to forget about work a lot.

The program itself is not overly complex, but all of its important features can be customized. For example, you can choose to draw full screen at the end of the specified time, or just pop up in a popup, or you can decide how to paint this warning surface (you can choose color, transparency, etc.). Additionally, of course, we can specify the time taken to complete the short and long breaks, which ones should be around the two versions, and the duration of the break. Moreover, we can even specify how violent the program should be with us: if we tend to postpone or interrupt the pause every time – which is what the app allows by default – Strict situation By enabling, we can authorize the program to ignore our boycott request. This way we’ll have to wait for the break to actually end

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Interestingly, unlike competing apps like Rest, extend It also takes into account when the countdown is whether we are actually in front of the machine. This way, you can avoid it if you jump into the kitchen for coffee, you will have to start a break on the machine while not setting the exact time. We can also trigger a warning, which secretly means 10 seconds before the break starts, it’s worth starting to finish, which we just dealt with, because we need to stop working completely within a few seconds.

To conclude

This can be very beneficial for many people who experience forced breaks, as we can crouch in front of a screen all day, and our health can rise to it within a few months. So extend It is a very useful little application that, besides, it is completely free, we can even use it with interface in Hungarian language completely. It’s up to us to spread out to keep us healthy.

There are a number of similar programs and services online anyway, including our article about them, which can be found by clicking on this link. But the different Pomodoro apps also provide a very similar solution, which we also had a lot of, but due to their suitability to nature, we might shine a spotlight on the jungle in between.