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Pegasus has already been used in many European countries

An Israeli spyware called Pegasus has been used in several European countries, including the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Greece, Poland and Lithuania, according to the Citizen of Canada lab in 2018. from the exam. The organization concluded that between 2016 and 2018, Pegasus was present in at least 45 countries around the world, but Hungary was not on its list three years ago, Hungarian Nation writes.

But an interesting coincidence is that software developer NSO reported only 45 customers the other day, many of whom were said to be European.

After the Citizen Lab study was published, the NSO questioned the validity of the data, arguing that many of the countries listed were definitely not among its partners. However, The Citizen Lab also made it clear in its analysis that the countries identified are not necessarily customers of the IIC, and can only confirm with certainty that the software has been used in those countries. It has been observed that many operators – which deal with monitoring – operate across national borders. However, their map also indicated how often they found suspicious artifacts: accordingly, several times from Europe, France and the United Kingdom.

Source: The Citizen Lab

The analysis does not argue that NSO agents lawfully deployed the software for criminal and national security reasons. Only six countries are mentioned, including Mexico and countries in the Middle East and Africa, where it was suspected that political goals may have played a role.

Citizen Lab has also played a role in the outbreak of the current case, with the Canadian organization validating AI’s testing methods.

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